Introduction of me, my ideology and this blog

If you look at the “About me” section of this set of articles, you will most probably find nothing. The reason for that is deep in the roots of the idea; it does not matter who I am. It does not matter what my name, age, gender is, that does not tell you a lot about me if you know I have long hair and green eyes. Similarly, it really doesn’t change much whether you know my nationality, profession, or the food, music I like. I would be too subjective and biased to introduce myself in words of descriptions, adjectives and attributes. Why don’t you tell me and retell others who I am, what I believe in, what I do, based on the things I say, think or in this case blog post.
I also wouldn’t want to write about me, simply because there are certainly more people thinking the same, remarkable way about the topics to be discussed at this WWW address.
To get to the point why I am actually writing this blog (which I never did before, so criticism in comments is very welcome), let me say a few words on SENSE.  Me and a handful of my friends, colleagues, research partners or supporters do believe science is key to human culture. Why that is I could detail in many pages. Instead, let me say only that science is one of the four pillars besides religion, arts and philosophy, nurturing humanity all the way from discovering fire to the global brain we call internet.
However, this is not the topic for today, nor it is the profile of this set of written thoughts. SENSE would like to promote the concept: science is for everyone who wants it.
Stephen Hawking said:

“Theoretical physics is one of the rare fields of science where no disability is a handicap”.

In my opinion, science really should be there fore everyone who enjoys it, who would like to solve its puzzles, for all the people being curious how nature works. Unfortunately, this is not so at the moment. People with special needs, especially those with sensory disabilities can not always have access to the techniques and knowledge libraries developed by our history.
Our goal is not to take the conventional route of making accessible the existing technologies, but rather shape our environment in a manner that it is by default accessible for all intelligent beings. We don’t want to build higher the pool of assistive technology developers, those who occasionally claim to do great when creating a new technology that speaks out loud at a crossroad to warn blind people: “Look right!”

No, instead we are determined to innovate and deliver technologies with the accompanying ideology, that is made for every single individual in a way that it also serves the abilities of people with different to conventional ways of interpreting the world around us.  As an example you can take Apple’s iPhone or Google’s self-driven car. Both of these are developed for the general public, still serving disabled people more than any exclusively produced assistive technology.
I believe no disability is a handicap in theoretical physics but nor it is going to be at any other field of science.


5 thoughts on “Introduction of me, my ideology and this blog

  1. Paul Horton says:

    I would love to meet you in person & discuss the classifications of these so called ‘ four pillars of human culture’ & maybe relative opinionated understanding of such. That could be quite interesting!


  2. I haven’t read the book, but in the film of ‘Disclosure’ the villainess (Demi Moore?) is expounding the virtues of her company’s online forum system: when you post a message, her argument runs, nobody can respond to it on the basis of your skin colour, age, sex, disability, whatever…your ideas are able to stand in their purest form, and it is impossible for anybody to submit a prejudiced reply.


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